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Table 5 KEGG pathways and PANTHER classifications associated with top 80 genes selected by BMI

From: A filter-based feature selection approach for identifying potential biomarkers for lung cancer

KEGG pathway name p-value Associated genes
Colorectal cancer 1.3809E-4 FOS, MSH2, APC
Pathways in cancer 0.0019 FOS, MSH2, APC, TCEB2
Metabolic pathways 0.0021 ADH6, SAT1, EXT2, TGDS, BTD, PRPS1, AGPS
Biotin metabolism 0.0032 BTD
MAPK signaling pathway 0.0094 DUSP10, MAP2K4, FOS
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 0.0098 CXCR4, ACVR2A, IL13RA1
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 0.0117 FOS, MAP2K4
Tight junction 0.0196 PPP2R2 D, INADL
Mismatch repair 0.0361 MSH2
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - heparan sulfate 0.0408 EXT2
Pentose phosphate pathway 0.0423 PRPS1
Endocytosis 0.0428 ARAP1, CXCR4
PANTHER classification p-value Associated genes
Oxidative stress response 8.6417E-5 TXN, MAP2K4, DUSP10
O-antigen biosynthesis 0.0064 TGDS
T cell activation 0.0083 FOS, B2M
Interleukin signaling pathway 0.0108 IL13RA1, FOS
Apoptosis signaling pathway 0.0133 ATF3, FOS
FGF signaling pathway 0.0135 MAP2K4, PPP2R2D
Axon guidance mediated by Slit/Robo 0.0253 CXCR4
Hypoxia response via HIF activation 0.0408 TXN
Insulin/IGF pathway-mitogen activated protein kinase kinase/MAP kinase cascade 0.0484 FOS