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Figure 3

From: Preferential expression of potential markers for cancer stem cells in large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung. An FFPE proteomic study

Figure 3

Gene ontology (GO) analysis on the molecular functions and cellular localization of proteins preferentially expressed in three cancer group pairs (LCNEC vs. SCLC, LCNEC vs. LCC, and LCC vs. SCLC). A) Molecular functions: 1, antioxidant activity; 2, auxiliary transport protein activity; 3, binding; 4, catalytic activity; 5, chemoattractant activity; 6, electron carrier activity; 7, enzyme regulator activity; 8, molecular function; 9, molecular transducer activity; 10, motor activity; 11, structural molecule activity; 12, transcription regulator activity; 13, translation regulator activity; 14, transporter activity. B) Cellular localizations: 1, Golgi apparatus; 2, cytoplasm; 3, cytoskeleton; 4, endoplasmic reticulum; 5, endosome; 6, extracellular region; 7, intracellular organelle; 8, membrane; 9, mitochondrion; 10, nucleus; 11, organelle membrane; 12, organelle part; 13, plasma membrane; 14, ribosome.

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