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Table 4 Power of distinction between normolipidemic and dyslipidemic subjects

From: Diagnostic markers based on a computational model of lipoprotein metabolism

Rank Diagnostic pAUC AUC
1 LDLc -- HDLc -- TG -- VLDL performance 0.184 0.955
2 VLDL performance 0.167 0.937
3 LDLc -- HDLc -- TG 0.159 0.929
4 LDLc -- HDLc 0.141 0.881
5 k l V L D L ¯ J p , V L D L 0.133 0.893
6 TG (mmol/l) 0.130 0.900
7 HDLc (mmol/l) 0.112 0.790
8 LDLc (mmol/l) 0.099 0.794
9 k u , l i v e r V L D L ¯ J p , V L D L 0.071 0.783
  1. Partial area under the curve (pAUC) and area under the curve (AUC) calculated from ROC curves of various diagnostics and combinations of diagnostics for distinguishing dyslipidemic subjects from normolipidemic subjects. Both pAUC and AUC are a measure of how well each diagnostic predicts the dyslipidemic status, with the difference that the pAUC only takes into account those predictions for which the false positive rate is smaller than 0.2, while the AUC takes into account all possible false positive rates. The higher the pAUC and AUC are, the better the diagnostic is.