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Table 1 List of SNPs

From: A base-calling algorithm for Tm-shifted melting curve SNP assay

ID Gene Symbol SNP Allele (A/B)
SNP1   rs2241796 T/C
SNP2 TGFBRAP1 rs1866040 G/A
SNP3   rs2576737 A/G
SNP4   rs518604 C/T
SNP5 CASP5 rs2282658 C/G
SNP6   rs484345 A/G
SNP7   rs1699087 G/T
SNP8 ADAR rs903323 T/C
SNP9 IFI44 rs2070123 T/C
SNP10   rs305067 G/C
SNP11 ICSBP1 rs305088 A/G
SNP12   rs870614 G/A
  1. These SNPs were assayed by both the sequencing and the McSNP methods for the demonstration of proposed algorithm.