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Table 1 Protein markers typically monitored in clinical measurements.

From: Moving towards high density clinical signature studies with a human proteome catalogue developing multiplexing mass spectrometry assay panels

Protein Concentration in plasma Target peptide
Apo A1 1-2 mg/ml ATEHLSTLSEK*
Apo A4 0.13-0.25 mg/ml SLAPYAQDTQEK*
Apo B 0.5-1.5 mg/ml TEVIPPLIENR*
Apo CI 40-80 μg/ml EWFSETFQK*
Apo CII 20-60 μg/ml TYLPAVDEK*
Apo CIII 60-180 μg/ml GWVTDGFSSLK*
Apo D 50-230 μg/ml NILTSNNIDVK*
Apo E 20-75 μg/ml LGPLVEQGR*
Apo H 71-380 μg/ml ATVVYQGER*