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Table 1 Source of Antibodies

From: Proteomic characterization of non-small cell lung cancer in a comprehensive translational thoracic oncology database

Antibody Vendor
c-Met Zymed
p-Met 1003 Biosource
p-Met 1349 Biosource
p-Met 1365 Biosource
p-Met Triple Biosource
HGF R&D systems
Ronβ Santa Crutz
p-Ronβ Santa Crutz
Her3 Santa Crutz
EphA2 Santa Crutz
EphB4 Vasgen Therapeutics
Fibronectin DAKO
β-catenin Zymed
E-cadherin Zymed
EzH2 Zymed
Snail AVIVA Systems Biology
Vimentin DAKO
Paxillin Salgia Lab
GR Novocastra
ERβ Biogenex
PKCB-β1 Santa Crutz
PKCB-β2 GeneTex
  1. Antibodies were purchased from the listed manufacturers.