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Table 4 Comparison of Protein Expression between Tumor and Normal Tissue

From: Proteomic characterization of non-small cell lung cancer in a comprehensive translational thoracic oncology database

Tumor > Normal Normal > Tumor Tumor = Normal
c-Met Cytoplasmic c-Met Membranous p-Met 1003 Nuclear
p-Met 1003 Cytoplasmic c-Met Nuclear p-Met 1365 Nuclear
p-Met 1349 Cytoplasmic   p-Met Triple Nuclear
p-Met 1349 Nuclear   Ron Membranous
HGF Cytoplasmic   Fibronectin Intensity
p-Ron Cytoplasmic   Β-catenin Intensity
p-Ron Nuclear   E-cadherin Intensity
Her3 Cytoplasmic   Snail Percentage
Her3 Nuclear   Snail Intensity
EphA2   Vimentin Percentage
EphB4   Paxillin
Fibronectin Percentage   GR
β-catenin Percentage   ER β
E-cadherin Percentage   PKC-β1
EzH2 Percentage   PKC-β2
   EzH2 Intensity
  1. Protein expression was compared between tumors and matched control tissue. Certain proteins were found to differentially expressed, while others were not. These differences were statistically significant. Proteins are organized by functional families represented by different fonts.