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Table 4 Biological functions identified from IPA using overlapπng hub gene lists of SRF 50 and the published sets in the GB, BC and OC datasets

From: Splitting random forest (SRF) for determining compact sets of genes that distinguish between cancer subtypes

Cancer Gene Function
GB RB1, πK3R1 cell morphology, hematological system development and function
  PDGFBB, ERK1/2 tumor morphology, nervous system development and function
BC ESR1,NFkB developmental disorder, reproductive system disease, cellular growth and proliferation;
  MYC cancer, infection mechanism, gene expression and tumor morphology
  ERK1/2 molecular transport, protein trafficking and cell cycle
OC Akt antigen presentation, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, cellular growth and proliferation
  FN1 tissue disorders, genetic disorder and cellular assembly and organization
  NFkB embryonic development and organismal development
  PDGFBB cardiac damage, organismal injury and abnormalities
  ERK1/2 cell morphology, connective tissue development and function