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Table 2 Lists the accession IDs of the 20 samples from 10 individuals used in this study along with read coverage

From: Genome-wide Profiling of RNA splicing in prostate tumor from RNA-seq data using virtual microarrays

Samples Accession ID Depth
T11/N11 SRX022067/ SRX022085 21993400/29523906
T13/N13 SRX022068/ SRX022086 31061605/29495276
T15/N15 SRX022069/ SRX022087 32535354/28473963
T19/N19 SRX022072/SRX022088 32598639/23807013
T23/N23 SRX022073/ SRX022089 30409693/29323060
T02/N02 SRX022060/SRX022080 10751725/8174610
T03/N03 SRX022061/SRX022081 8100448/8011774
T06/N06 SRX022063/SRX022082 13137600/8002207
T08/N08 SRX022065/SRX022083 8338185/5278786
T09/N09 SRX022066/SRX022084 7551225/5630881