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Table 3 Pathways down-regulated in Eμ-miR-155 mice naïve B cells

From: The multiple roles of microRNA-155 in oncogenesis

Pathways Molecules
SAPK/JNK signaling GADD45A, DUSP4, MAP4K4, MAPK12, ATF2 [8]
Activation of IRF by cytosolic pattern recognition receptors IKBKB, STAT2, MAPK12, ATF2 [8]
Toll-like receptor signaling IKBKB, MAP4K4, MAPK12 [8]
ATM signaling GADD45A, MAPK12, ATF2 [8]
ERK/MAPK signaling ETS2, DUSP4, RPS6KA5, RAPGEF4, ATF2 [8]
B-cell receptor signaling IKBKB, MAPK12, BCL6, ATF2 [8]