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Table 2 Enriched pathways in CCDS analysis

From: Characteristics of cross-hybridization and cross-alignment of expression in pseudo-xenograft samples by RNA-Seq and microarrays

  Human Mouse
  Cross-alignment Cross hybridization Cross-alignment Cross hybridization
1 Development: regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal (EMT) Protein folding and maturation: POMC processing Cell cycle: role of Nek in cell cycle regulation Signal transduction: activin A signaling regulation
2 Cytoskeleton remodeling: Keratin filaments Normal and pathological TGF-beta mediated regulation of cell proliferation Cell cycle: the methaphase checkpoint Transcription role of heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) family in trancriptional silencing
3 Cardia hypertrophy NF-AT signaling in cardia hypertrophy Signal transduction, Erk interactions: inhibition of Erk Cytoskeleton remodeling: neurofilaments Cytoskeleton remodeling: neurofilaments
4 Cell adhesion: gap junctions Development: melaconyte development and pigmentation ATP metabolism Dvelopment: thrombopoietin regulated cell process
5 Cell adhesion: hestamine H1 receptor signaling in the interruption of cell barrier integrity Cytoskeleton remodeling: TGF, WNT and cytoskeletal remodeling Cell cycle: spindle assembly and chromosome separation Neurophysiological process nNOS signaling in neronal synapases
6 Signal transduction: cAMP signaling Develeopment A2A receptor signaling dCTP/dUTP metabolism Development: role of HDAC and calcium/calmodulin dependent kinase (CaMK) in control of skeletal of myogenesis
7 Immune response: MIF-neuroendocrine macrophage connector Development transcription regulation of granulocyte development Apoptosis and survival: DNA damage induced apoptosis Protein folding: membrane trafficking and signal transduction of G-alpha heterotrimeic G-protein
8 Development transcription: regulation of grabulocyte development Cytoskeleton remodeling Alpha-1A andrenergic recepto- dependent inhibition of PI3K Transcription: androgen receptor nuclear signaling Development: role of activin A in cell differentiation and proliferation
9 Cell adhesion: edothelial cell contacts by junctional mechanisms Muscle contraction: relaxin signaling pathway Neurophysiological process: ACM regulation of nerve impulse Development: WNT5A signaling
10 Atherosclerosis: role of ZNF202 in regulation of expression of genes involved in Atherosclerosis Immune response: lectin induced complement pathway Development WNT signaling pathway Development: PIP3 signaling in cardiac myocytes
  1. Enriched GeneGo pathway maps for human and mouse. Gene lists for pathway analysis were obtained from the CCDS ID analysis for cross-hybridization (microarrays) and cross-alignment (RNA-Seq).