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Table 2 Significantly mutated domains found in all three cancers studied

From: K-core decomposition of a protein domain co-occurrence network reveals lower cancer mutation rates for interior cores

S. No Pfam id Pfam domains
1 PF00870 P53
2 PF12129 Phtf-FEM1B_bdg
3 PF01192 RNA_pol_Rpb6
4 PF02020 W2
5 PF09801 SYS1
6 PF07941 K_channel_TID
7 PF00594 Gla
8 PF13096 CENP-P
9 PF01250 Ribosomal_S6
10 PF11629 Mst1_SARAH
11 PF05111 Amelin