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p-BioSPRE - p-medicine Biospecimen Search and Project Request Engine


Web-based tool, networking of biobanks for personalized medicine, metabiobank, provision of trans-institutional and trans-national access to biobanks.


p-BioSPRE is a metabiobank providing trans-institutional and transnational access to biobanks (Figure 1) while safeguarding patients’ privacy and full biobank autonomy [1].

Figure 1
figure 1

p-BioSPRE user interface displaying as example patients’ age selection

The p-BioSPRE architecture is based on modular CRIP tools and concepts (a metadata-driven, scalable, and robust system of relational databases with an xml-based query interface) [2]. It mirrors the hub-and-spokes structure proposed by BBMRI for national and international biobank networks. Contrary to biobank registries and catalogs, p-BioSPRE allows for up-to-date queries on a case-by-case and specimen-by-specimen basis. It caters to both: researchers looking for well-annotated human specimens from all disease areas and biobank operators conveniently offering donated specimens and data for research.

p-BioSPRE is in line with the BBMRI requirements for data integration systems and the p-medicine security framework. Its central infrastructure is maintained by Fraunhofer.

Status of development

Access to the operative version of p-BioSPRE is restricted to p-medicine partners. The test and demo version 0.6 is on-line (links below) since May 23, 2014. Evaluation of p-BioSPRE by p-medicine clinical partners is ongoing until 2015.


Researchers looking for stratified human specimens.

Biobank operators looking for projects and partners to make use of donated specimens and data.


p-BioSPRE Demonstrator []; CRIP Toolbox []


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  2. Weiler G, et al: p-BioSPRE – an information and communication technology framework for transnational biomaterial sharing and access. ecancer. 2014, 8: 401-419.

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Supported by p-medicine (European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 270089).

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